Qualifications Essential for Membership in the Loyal Orange Association

(From the Constitution and Laws)

1."Toward God - An applicant for admission should have a sincere love and veneration for his Hevenly Father, A steadfast faith in Jesus Christ, as the only mediator between God and man, and a firm reliance in the guiding, witnessing, and sanctifying power of the Holy Spirit. He should be a diligent reader of God's Word, a sincere observer of the Lord's Day, and a regular attendant at his House, endeavouring to bring forth the practical fruits of righteousness and obedience to God's commands, as a humble and consistent servent of God and a follower of his saviour."

2."Toward Queen and Country - He should be loyal in thought, word and act toward the Crown, being Protestant, seeking the prosperity and integerity of the Constitutional Monarchy, strengthening its concepts and supporting the principles which have been the foundation of the Dominion of Canada, ready to promote civil and religious liberty, to maintain the Protestant faith as the purest form of Christianity, and the basis of the constitutional goverment, by the people, for the people, and to foster unity and Godliness in Canada and throughout the Commonwealth."

3."Toward Mankind - He should be of temperate and kindly habits, striving to ba an example to others, as a true Christian citizen. He should abstain from swearing and profane language, from dishonesty and from intemperance of every kind. He should seek the welfare of others, be just, considerate and tolerant in his judgement, especially to those who are oppresed in faith and principles, and to promote the spirit of friendliness and brotherly love."

"The Glory of God, the welfare of Man, the Honour of his Sovereign, and the good of his Country should be the motives of all his actions."


The Qualifications of an Orangeman

"An Orangeman should have a sincere love and veneration for his Heavenly Father; a humble and steadfast faith in Jesus Christ, the Saviour of mankind, believing in Him as the only Mediator between God and man. He should cultivate truth and justice, brotherly kindness and charity, devotion and piety, concord and unity, and obedience to the laws; his deportment should be gentle and compassionate, kind and courteous; he should seek the society of the virtuous, and avoid that of the evil; he should honour and diligently study the Holy Scriptures and make them the rule of his faith and practice; and sincerely desire and endeavour to propagate its doctrines and precepts; he should strenuously oppose the fatal errors and doctrines of the Church of Rome, and scrupulously avoid countenancing (by his presence or otherwise) any act or ceremony of Popish worship; he should by all lawful means, resist the ascendancy of that Church, its encroachments, and the extension of its power, ever abstaining from all uncharitable words, actions, or sentiments, towards his Roman Catholic brethren; he should remember to keep holy the Sabbath day, and attend the public worship of God, and diligently train up his offspring, and all under his control, in the fear of God, and in the Protestant faith; he should never take the name of God in vain, but abstain from all cursing and profane language, and use every opportunity of discouraging these, and all other sinful practices, in others; his conduct should be guided by wisdom and prudence, and marked by honesty, temperance, and sobriety; the glory of God and the welfare of man, the honour of his Sovereign, and the good of his country, should be the motive of his actions."

Basis of the Institution

The Institution is composed of Protestants, united and resolved to the utmost of their power to support and defend the rightful Sovereign, the Protestant Religion, the Laws of the Realm, and the Succession to the Throne in the House of Windsor, BEING PROTESTANT; and united further for the defence of their own Persons and Properties, and the maintenance of the Public Peace. It is exclusively an Association of those who are attached to the religion of the Reformation, and will not admit into its brotherhood persons whom an intolerant spirit leads to persecute, injure, or upbraid any man on account of his religious opinions. They associate also in honour of KING WILLIAM III, PRINCE OF ORANGE, whose name they bear, as supporters of his glorious memory.

Historical Background


The Orange order - as it presently exists - more correctly the Loyal Orange Institution of Ireland, came into existence after the Battle of the Diamond, near Loughgall, on 21st September 1795. This Battle was instigated by a Roman Catholic revolutionary brotherhood known as the Defenders who were part of the ethnic cleansing programme of the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries, when the attempt was to remove the Protestant witness from the Island of Ireland.

The purpose of the Orange Order was to bring together the Protestants of various denominations - Episcopalian - Presbyterian - Independents - Huguenots - Quakers - into one homogeneous grouping to maintain their Protestant religion and way of life and as a distinctive affirmation that they intended to hold fast to the FREEDOM of religion won at such a high cost at the Reformation.


The Orange Institution became an INTERNATIONAL Organization as the benefits of a religious and fraternal organization became obvious. Military Warrants were issued from the earliest years of the Institution and may have added to the growth of Orangeism as serving soldiers carried their culture and identity throughout the Empire. Orangeism spread to Montreal in 1818, Australia in 1845, Togo in 1915 and Ghana in 1928.

Religious Nature

The Orange Order is fundamentally a CHRISTIAN organization, as the Basis of the Institution states:-

"The institution is composed of Protestants, united and resolved to the utmost of their power to support and defend the . . . . Protestant Religion."

The Orange Institution therefore unites Protestants of all the Reformed denominations, in opposition to Biblical error and the encouragement of Scriptural truth.

According to the Basis, to which all members must assent before admission into the Institution, "It is exclusively an Association of those who are attached to the religion of the Reformation." The religion of the reformation is both spiritual and moral (BELIEF & DUTY).

The Institution stands in the reformed tradition as the various statements contained in the Qualifications illustrate:-


"a sincere love and veneration for his Heavenly Father" and "He should never take the name of God in vain"


"steadfast faith in Jesus Christ, the Saviour of mankind"


"he should honour and diligently study the Holy Scriptures and make them the rule of his faith and practice"


"he should remember to keep holy the Sabbath day, and attend the public worship of God"

Brotherly Bond

There is also something of a bonding between the members of the Orange Institution, because those things which we share in common and hold dear are much more important than things which may divide us.

The brotherly bond which unites the members is based on a spirit of tolerance, tolerance toward those within the brotherhood with whom there may be differences of emphasis and toward those outside the brotherhood who differ from us in religious persuasion.

The Orange Institution emphasizes this in the Basis of the Institution which states:-

"and will not admit into its brotherhood persons whom an intolerant spirit leads to persecute, injure, or upbraid any man on account of his religious opinions."


An Orangemen Is:


He follows the Golden Rule in all his personal and business affairs.


He upholds the great Protestant principle of freedom of conscience for all people."


His allegiance in unswerving and unlimited. He regards the Throne as the centre of all secular power, justice, and law."


He is law-abiding. He respects and observes all the laws."


He is concerned with the welfare of his fellow man."


He is generous not only with his worldly goods, but also with his time, his thoughts, and his deeds."


He prepares himself for the responsibilities of leadership."


He is aware and respective to events and issues around him."


He accepts total responsibility for the support, health, and education of his children."


He accepts his origins as part of himself, and see himself as an extension of his forefathers."


He respects the sanctity of woman and defends their rights."


He practices the highest level of fraternalism in the tradition of his Lodge."

Obligation of an Orangeman, 1869

Below is the Obligation recited by all new candidates to the Orange Association in Canada in 1869. Source: "The Sash Canada Wore" by Cecil J. Houston and William J. Smyth, University of Toronto Press, 1980.  


I, A.B.,  do solemnly and voluntarily swear,  that I will be faithful,  and bear true allegiance to Her Majesty Queen Victoria,  and to her lawful heirs and successors,  in the Sovereignty of Great Britain and Ireland,  and of these Provinces dependant on, and belonging to, the said Kingdom, so long as she or they shall maintain the Protestant Religion and the laws of the country: that I will, to the utmost of my power, defend them against her or any of them; that I will steadily maintain the connection between the Colonies of British America and the Mother Country, and be ever ready to resist all attempts to weaken British influence, or dismember the British Empire; that I will be true and faithful to every brother Orangeman in all just actions, neither wronging him nor knowing him to be wronged or injured, without giving him due notice thereof, and preventing it, if in my power. I swear that I will ever hold sacred the name of our Glorious Deliverer, King William the Third, Prince of Orange; in grateful remembrance of whom, I solemnly promise (if in my power) to celebrate his victory over James at the Boyne, in Ireland, by assembling with my brethren, in their Lodge Room, on the 12th day of July, in every year; I swear that I am not, nor ever will be, a Roman Catholic or Papist; nor will I marry a Roman Catholic or Papist, nor educate my children, nor suffer them to be educated in the Roman Catholic Faith; nor am I now, or ever will be, a member of any society or body of men that are enemies to Her Majesty and our Glorious Constitution; that I never was, to my knowledge or belief, rejected in, or expelled from, any Orange lodge; I further declare, that I will do my utmost to support and maintain the Loyal Orange Institution: obey all regular summonses, and pay all just dues (if in my power) and observe and obey the Constitution and Laws of the same; and lastly, I swear that I will always conceal, and never in any way whatsoever, disclose or reveal, the whole or any part of the signs, words, or tokens, that are now about to be privately communicated to me, unless I shall be duly authorized so to do by the proper authorities of the Orange Institution, of which I am now about to become a member. So help me God, and keep me steadfast in this my Orangeman's Obligation.


If you are a practising protestant in the truly religious sense; regularly at your place of worship; morally upright in your life; and if you display a tolerant spirit towards those with whom you may disagree; then you will be welcome within the Orange Institution.


If you are interested in joinning the Loyal Orange Association and live in the Brampton or surrounding area Please contact us by email or click on the link below to open an application form, you can also print, fill out and return to your local lodge secretary.


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