12 July 1796
First parade held to commemorate the Battle of the Boyne.

26 July 1813
Battle of Garvagh. Four hundred Catholic 'Ribbonmen' made an attempt to destroy a tavern in Garvagh where the Orange Lodge met. They were armed with sticks and bludgeons, little suspecting that Protestants were waiting inside armed with muskets, to defend the Orangemen. Several of the Ribbonmen were killed, and the rest fled to the countryside.

Present organisation of Apprentice Boys formed, although the Siege of Derry was being celebrated from 17th century.

12 July 1849
Dolly's Brae. Orangemen announced their decision to march from Rathriland to Tollymore Park in Castlewellan, a route which was both long and passed through a catholic townland. Approximately 1,200 to 1,400 Orangemen, all of whom were armed, marched along this route. However, by the afternoon about 1,000 Ribbonmen, also armed, had gathered to observe. Suddenly, shots were fired from both sides, and Catholic homes were set alight. The police were unable to control the situation. None of the Orangemen were harmed, but it was estimated that about 80 Catholics were killed.

Formation of the Royal Black Institution. This began as an off-shoot from the Orange Order and can be traced back as far, although it was officially constituted as an organisation in its own right in the 1850's.

The Formation of the Royal Arch Purple: This organisation is very closely connected to the Orange Order, although it remains a separate organisation. It does not have any major parading dates of its own, although it does hold a number of church parades.

Formation of the Junior Orange Institution Ireland. As the name suggests, this is a branch of the Orange Order which only accepts boys under the age of 16.


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